Maximize your power source with AgroMation’s, Electra power monitoring panel. Based around a state-of-the-art PLC, with a 4” HMI Screen it is designed so you can easily monitor and track your power consumption for one room or hundreds of rooms!

AgroMation uses custom programming for the Electra that gives you full control of the tracking functions. Communicates seamlessly with the AgroMation Maestro. All of this and more is accessed through the built-in touchscreen, a computer, or a mobile device.


  • CUL & UL Listed and Approved Control System

  • Monitor up to 3 phases of incoming power

  • 120VAC or 240VAC models

  • CAT5/6 Ethernet TCP/IP Connection for Expansion


  • Current Transformers built-in for easy integration

  • MTBF 500,000hrs +

  • Assembled in the USA

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