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We started AgroMation by forming a team and identifying an opportunity in the Horticultural Industry to provide automated and streamlined solutions for complex processes.

Our focus at AgroMation is to help you reach growth goals by taking complex processes and making them simple through our automated control system. All of the information you want is at your fingertips, with one point of control, by using top of the line design, programming, and technology. Whether you are using the system on site or accessing it remotely, the information you see will be the same.

The AgroMation team has more than 25 years of experience designing and building automated control systems from the ground up and can make sure that the product you receive is exactly what you want and need to be successful. We also took the time to work with industry insiders to make sure our product fits the commercial smart farm industry.

We are always open to feedback and ways to better serve our clients. If you have any direct feedback, please contact us at


Hexagons 2-01.png
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